For our guests in addition to the sea, there are also amazing and unique Swimming pools that will not let anyone be untouched.

Main Pool

The main pool is 3883 m² 140 cm deep.The pool was designed in away for all guests to enjoy and relax.The pool is maintained according to all hygienic conditions. It is for all guests to enjoy on such hot and beautiful days.

Relax Pool

The relax pool is 310 m² and 140 cm. deep.This pool area is for families staying in the Villa Family Rooms and only exclusive to them.

Children's Pool

The kids pool is 75 m² and 40 cm deep. It is located between the mini club and the slides and you can watch your child at any time with ease.

Indoor Swimming Pool

Guest waiting to enjoy the comfort of the indoor pool can do so in cold weather. It is heated and 140 cm. deep and couers 300 m².
The indoor kids pool is 10 m² and 35 cm deep.Additionally, the indoor pool  has a jacuzzi that is 100 cm deep and 10 m² in size.

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